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Aesthetic purity.


Our way of conceiving the kitchen is a personal and unique project that adapts to your needs, always with functionality.

The shape and materials of the doors, made with chamfered edges, have been studied to speed up opening and handleless, while achieving aesthetic purity and practicality in use.

Materials such as lacquer show all their elegance in this kitchen model. With an almost infinite range of colours to choose from, with matte or gloss finishes, as well as some special bespoke finish.

Kitchen dessing Santandreu GS3

Endless posibilities.


The kitchen is a space of memories, emotions, flavors and unforgettable moments. Personal taste and choices become eternal, achieving a unique cuisine.

The GS2 model uses the Gola system, which is characterized by the great combination of possibilities and materials, always achieving simple openings and very smooth closings.

From the elegant play of lacquering in any shade and finish, to wood with a rough touch, from Fenitx surfaces with a touch finish to the infinity of laminates. All this combined with different colours of profiles make GS2 a kitchen to suit everyone.

White kitchen dessign Santandreu GS2

Smart simplification.


Based on a reduction to the essentials, Santandreu develops a line of quality and very competitive kitchens.

Equipped with a Tandenbox drawer that allows ultralight sliding and great movement comfort. The interior is waterproof to protect the furniture from moisture.

On the outside you can choose from four colours of laminated fronts, edged with the latest laser technology. For all these reasons, the GS1 model is an attractive kitchen for those looking for a competitive option, without sacrificing the quality on which Santandreu is based.

White kitchen dessign Santandreu GS1

Beauty lies in simplicity.


Minimalism and simplicity are the aspects that best define this kitchen. The smooth front without handle neither profile stands out for its aesthetics. Santandreu provides the solution in this kitchen model:

Tip-on Blumotion combines the advantages of the mechanical Tip-on opening aid system with the proven Blumotion damping. The Tip-on function is activated when it closes with a strong impulse. Blumotion then provides a smooth and silent closing.

In addition, Servo-drive is Santandreu's electric assisted opening system. This makes opening easier in a fascinating way: a light pressure is all it takes for the stays and pullouts to open like magic. Then Blumotion provides a smooth and silent closing.

Black Kitchen dessign Santandreu GSP

Tradition and elegance.


With this model we come back to the originals: we like to innovate but maintaining the essence. Styles and tastes vary over time, however there are certain elements that should be reviewed, to prevail over the eventuality of fashion.

Thanks to the classic finishes of the doors, together with the harmony and balance of the handles, this kitchen maintains its personality, as well as a timeless elegance.

Classic Kitchen Santandreu GST tiradores

Wardrobes and bathrooms

Custom design.

Wardrobes and bathrooms

· Wardrobes with sliding doors: a system that saves space and turns your room into a modern space to enjoy every day.

· Cabinets with folding doors: create modern and warm environments thanks to the wide range of finishes and available handles.

· Walk-in closets: our made-to-measure walk-in closets optimize each space to facilitate comfort and order, with all the details.

· Bathrooms: We equip bathrooms with bespoke furniture, the best materials and adapt to the space and needs of each client with textures, finishes and opening systems for all tastes.

Santandreu custom bedroom suite closets