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We are nature lovers and aware of the fragility of the planet, that is why we try to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are kilometer zero: we produce in Petra, in the center of Mallorca, from where we distribute to the island.

The woods we work with are FSC certified as they come from responsibly managed forests, required to maintain or restore the ecosystem, its biodiversity, resources and landscapes.

cocina Santandreu fabricado en Mallorca sostenibilidad

More than 50 years of experience creating kitchens for several generations make Santandreu a company of high quality and reliability.

We manufacture in Mallorca, so we have flexibility when it comes to making bespoke kitchens with all the details.
Our customers value the quality and punctuality of delivery that characterizes us.

cocina Santandreu fabricantes fábrica en Mallorca tradición madera

Woods of the best quality with natural touch finishes and lacquers of all kinds. Also technological materials with the latest innovations.

Custom designed and manufactured in Mallorca, piece by piece, taking care of the details.

cocina Santandreu fabricado en Mallorca materiales nobles

We have designers who adapt the personal requirements and maximize space, creating a custom kitchen, completely original and unique.

At Santandreu we provide advice on distribution to optimize ergonomics and light, we offer multiple combinations of materials and models, as well as punctuality in delivery thanks to the flexibility of having the workshop in Mallorca.

cocina Santandreu diseño a medida original puntualidad asesoramiento